Helping At-Risk Children in South Africa

Helping At-Risk Children in South Africa

In many rural villages in South Africa there are high rates of child abuse, crime and kidnappings. With the support of local communities we are building crèches equipped with soup kitchens, classrooms and bathrooms to provide supervision, education and a hot-meal to at-risk children.

Working with communities 3 hours North of Durban in South Africa we are building crèches (day-care facilities) equipped with soup-kitchens to provide a safe environment for at-risk children.

Due to low socio-economic standards in these rural communities many families cannot afford adequate care for their children each day. Children are often left unsupervised, malnourished and are left in areas where child abuse, crime and kidnappings are prominent.

We have worked in four different communities allowing over 200 children to be in a safe environment and receive a hot meal each day, at no-cost to the parent.

With your help we can continue to build crèches to provide a safe environments for children living in rural communities of South Africa.