Reach Out Charity believes we can change the world working with one village at a time.

We work directly with rural communities and endangered wildlife to create real and sustainable change. We allow donors to come to our projects to meet these communities and see the difference their donations have made.


8th May 2014

The Reach Out Community School – Siem Reap, Cambodia

After supporting numerous schools around Cambodia, in 2017 we opened the Reach Out Community School in Siem Reap. It started with 30 students and one full-time teacher. Today the school provides free education to over 300 students and employs 5 full-time Cambodian teachers. Due to the growth in students the school is in desperate need of funding for more toilets for the students, extra teachers and new sports playground…
7th May 2014

Helping At-Risk Children in South Africa

In many rural villages in South Africa there are high rates of child abuse, crime and kidnappings. With the support of local communities we are building crèches equipped with soup kitchens, classrooms and bathrooms to provide supervision, education and a hot-meal to at-risk children.
6th May 2014

Fighting Lung Cancer and Pneumonia in Peru

4.3 million children and adults die prematurely from household air-pollution every year. The smoke from domestic fires (predominately used for cooking) causes more deaths in Peru than malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDs combined. We work with families living high in the Andes to build smoke ventilated kitchens to fight this diseases and save the families income as less wood is required for cooking!


Yes! Every person has the ability to make a difference, and this is your opportunity to reach out and help those that really need it!

Our Charity focuses on grass-root sustainable projects working directly with communities. This way we can be sure donations go to where they are needed most and not wasted in bureaucracy.

From homes to classrooms, new sustainable food sources to supplies of clean water; each of our activities has made a real difference and will continue to make a real difference with your help.

Together we believe we can change the world, working with one village at a time.